Environmental Management System (EMS) Scope – ISO 14001:2015

Section 4.3 of the ISO 14001:2015 requires organization to document the scope of their EMS.  The requirements for defining the scope include

a) the external and internal issues referred to in 1;

b) the compliance obligations referred to in 2;

c) its organizational units, functions and physical boundaries;

d) its activities, products and services;

e) its authority and ability to exercise control and influence (Outsourced Services).

 The documented scope needs to be available to interested parties.  The question is what information should be included in your scope description.

I do believe that your documented scope shuold address the topics in a-e. Ask yourself the question “if an interested party” asked for your scope what would your give them?

Please email if you would like a template to document your EMS scope.





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