Have you updated Your Lithium Battery Shipping Instructions?

Have you updated your procedures to include the New Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines that took place January 2019?

Key changes to be aware of:

1.  Packaging Requirement: A New label is required to be on shipments of lithium batteries or on shipments of equipment containing Lithium Batteries.

2.  Often overlooked is Resale equipment shipped out via eBay, Amazon, or other is required to have the new Lithium Battery Label. 

 3.  Changes to the UN Numbers.  The Proper UN Number is required to be on your Label:

UN3480, Lithium ion batteries including Lithium polymer.

UN3481 Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment including Lithium polymer or Lithium ion batteries packaged with equipment including Lithium polymer.

UN3090, Lithium metal batteries including lithium alloy batteries.

UN3091, Lithium Metal batteries contained in equipment including lithium alloy batteries or Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment including lithium alloy batteries.

4.  A Telephone Number is also required to be added to the New Lithium Battery Label. The telephone number should be of a person knowledgeable about the shipment but is not intended to be for the purposes of obtaining immediate emergency response guidance and is therefore not required to be monitored at all times that the package is in transit. It is acceptable for the number to be monitored during the company’s normal business hours in order to provide product-specific information relative to the shipment.

See – www.ISO45001-Support.com

If you have questions about proper shipping and packaging of Lithium Batteries please reach out to EHS Management Strategies.

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