Changes to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 – they are coming!!

Both the ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS:2007 standards are heading for changes. The revised changes to ISO 14001:2007 are planned to be finalized in 2015.

ISO 14001 Status:
ISO has issued Guide 83 “High level structure and identical text for management system standards and common core management system terms and definitions.” This document will change the structure of current ISO standards when revised, with the intent of enhancing consistency and integration of all management system standards. These “structural” changes will likely be the primary changes to ISO 14001.

The ISO Working Group 5 is responsible for revising the standard. The revised version of ISO 14001 is presently at the Working Draft stage. A draft version of 14001 may be published later this year (2013), with the final standard expected early 2015.

OHSAS Status:
New proposal for ISO 18001, ballot for approval closes June 11, 2013

ISO 14001 Update

The new format for the revised ISO 14001 is expected to be:
1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Terms and definitions
4. Context of the organization
5. Leadership
6. Planning
7. Support
8. Operation
9. Performance evaluation
10. Improvement.

Some key changes could include:

 • Section 4: Similar to current Section 4.1 with respect to scope, but “context” may result in expansion with respect to evaluation of environmental interactions of the organization.
• Section 5: more emphasis on management responsibility, and potential expansion into mitigating risks, sustainable resource use, climate change, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitat.
• Section 6: environmental aspects to consider life cycle assessment, and determination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for objectives.
• Section 7: expansion to include communication strategy, and external reporting procedure
• Section 8: expansion to include environmental considerations in design and procurement (similar to ISO 50001).
• Section 10: New section on continual improvement with respect to environmental performance

 We will keep you posted of changes or updates as we become aware of them. Please contact us with any questions..

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