ISO 14001 Revision

In our previous blog, we shared an outline of the new ISO 14001 standard.  The changes not only reorganize the standard but will add some new requirements. These changes are based on the recognition that the organization is affected by its social and political surroundings, is part of a larger value chain and needs to align or reconcile its EMS and business strategies in order to achieve its intended outcomes.

New PDCA Model

Below is the revised EMS PCDA model proposed by ISO:

ISO 14001 Training Michigan

New terms have been introduced for interested parties, risk, indicators, value chain and lifecycle.

The new requirements that will likely have the biggest impact on certified organizations are tied to these new terms:

  • Determination of relevant external and internal issues that could affect achievement of the intended outcomes of the EMS
  • Determination of the relevant interested parties and their requirements
  • Integration of the EMS and objectives into business processes
  • Compatibility of the environmental policy and objectives with its strategic direction
  • Consideration of environmental performance in strategic planning
  • A policy that is appropriate to the organization’s risks and opportunities
  • Consideration of life-cycle perspectives
  • Identification and access to the relevant requirements of interested parties
  • Identification of organizational risks and opportunities
  • Competency of those that affect its environmental performance
  • Control or influence of processes associated with the value chain, significant environmental aspects and organizational risks and opportunities, taking into account a lifecycle perspective.
  • Monitoring of risks and opportunities and value chain controls
  • Use of performance indicator criteria
  • A management review that incorporates the above requirements

While many of the above changes can be addressed with small changes to your organizational and strategic planning processes they will also expand the scope of your external and internal auditing programs.

We will be coming out with an online training solution that will get your team up to speed on the new requirments and up date your internal auditors.  We will keep you posted.



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