What is ISO 26000?

The International Standard ISO 26000:2010 , Guidance on social responsibility, provides harmonized, globally relevant guidance for private and public sector organizations of all types based on international consensus among expert representatives of the main stakeholder groups, and so encourage the implementation of best practice in social responsibility worldwide.

ISO 26000 both adds value to existing work on social responsibility (SR) and extends the understanding and implementation of SR by:

  • Developing an international consensus on what SR means and the SR issues that organizations need to address
  • Providing guidance on translating principles into effective actions
  • Refining best practices that have already evolved and disseminating the information worldwide for the good of the international community.

The ISO 26000:2010 addresses the following elements of SR:

6.3          Human Rights

6.4          Labor Practices

6.5          The Environment

6.6          Fair Operating Practices

6.7          Consumer Issues

6.8          Community Involvement and Development

Because of  the group of stakeholders involved in developing the guidance document it does a very good job defining the overall scope of social responsibility. Great tool to be used in developing an SR program and goals for your company.

Great book for ideas for your ISO 14001 objectives!!.

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