Can I Ship My Own Universal Waste ? [40 CFR 273.18]

Although universal waste is not subject to all of the pre-transport requirements that apply to other hazardous waste, EPA does set standards for the shipment of this waste that depend on the status of the waste shipper. If your site is a small quantity handler of universal waste (you don?t store over 5,000 kg at any one time), 40 CFR 273.18 establishes the following standards for your shipments:

  • Only ship the waste to another universal waste handler, a destination facility, or a foreign destination
  •   If you self-transport, you must comply with the transporter requirements of 40 CFR 273.50273.56 while transporting the universal waste
  • If the universal waste is a DOT Hazardous Material, you must package, label, mark and placard the shipment, and prepare the proper shipping papers in accordance with the applicable DOT regulations.
  • If you ship the waste to a universal waste handler, you must ensure that the receiving handler agrees to receive the shipment
  • If the universal waste handler or destination facility rejects your shipment to them, you must either accept the waste back at your facility or  agree with the  receiving handler on a destination facility to which the shipment will be sent.

Small quantity handlers of universal waste are not required to keep records of shipments of universal waste (273.19). However, if the waste is a DOT hazardous material, you must retain shipping papers for the waste for at least 375 days. Large quantity handlers of universal waste must retain records of waste shipment for at least 3 years, in accordance with 40 CFR 273.29..

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