Outsourcing Internal Audits – does this make sense?

Many organizations are choosing to “outsource” their Internal Auditing process. On the surface, this seems to go against the intent of the ISO standards. However, the cost of maintaining a qualified pool of internal auditors can be expensive. Also, considering the turnover in many organizations, the effectiveness of the audits may be poor and systemic non-conformances may go undetected.

The benefits of outsourcing your internal audits include:

  • Highly qualified auditor is more likely to detect systemic non-conformances resulting in fewer non-conformances during the registration audit.
  • Provides a coaching opportunity for on site management and good preparation for registration audit.
  • Keeping internal staff focused on their core area of responsibility.
  • Can be cost-effective when compared to the cost of training auditors.
  • Outside perspective can identify opportunities for improvement and risk reduction.

Outsourcing internal audits can also be effective when upgrading your management systems to meet new requirements. So companies upgrading to IATF 16949, ISO 14001:2015 or ISO 9001:2015 may wish to outsource their internal audits to gauge their readiness for recertification to the new requirements.

Please let US know how we can help support your internal audit process.

Check out options for performing Management System Audits.

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