Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training (1-day)

The hands on program is designed to prepare attendees and companies to develop excellent problem solving root cause analysis & techniques and habits. The corrective action process is one of the key inputs to continual improvement and poor root cause analysis can impede this process. This course is excellent for anyone needing to complete internal or customer corrective actions and as a basis for truly determining the root cause of a problem and issue and creating permanent corrective action


  • Defining the issue – Scope, containment, requirements
  • 5-why method of root cause analysis
  • 6 hats problem solving techniques for individuals and teams to analyze root cause
  • Fishbone analysis
  • Man, Machine, Material, Method technique for Problem Solving
  • Trend and other program analyses
  • Event / flow charting Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Eight Discipline Corrective Action Process
  • Workshop on actual issues, problems, and nonconformances

Designed For: Company Managers & Supervisors, Management Representatives, and the internal audit team.  Anyone who needs to systemically solve problems and issues. This program can be customized to focus on quality, environmental and/or safety issues.


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