Remote Internal Audits

With today’s technology, remote auditing is not only possible but can be a tool to effectively complete internal Audits.

EHS Management Strategies, LLC has developed a process to execute full system audits or partial audits remotely. Organizations can, based on the maturity of their management system, setup a 3-year audit schedule with 1, 2 or all 3 years being done remotely.

We are using a combination of web-based meeting/file share and streaming video devices to execute these audits. We will use a risk based evaluation to determine your eligibility for a remote audit – this will be based on the complexity of your processes, recent major non-conformances, and any major regulatory violations. This mirrors the process ANAB has approved with many registration companies.

Setting up and executing a remote audit does take some extra planning and communication but in some instances can be more convenient.

Advantages to remote auditing include:

  • Limits need to travel and human interaction (coronavirus)
  • Reduction in travel expenses
  • Flexibility of the audit schedule

Please contact us if your interested in discussing how a remote management system audit may work for your management system.


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