SPCC Training vs Spill Training

Many organizations have SPCC plans and need to comply with the training requirements found at 49 CFR 112.7. The training requirements include:

” At a minimum, train your oil-handling personnel in the operation and maintenance of equipment to prevent discharges; discharge procedure protocols; applicable pollution control laws, rules, and regulations; general facility operations; and, the contents of the facility SPCC Plan”

Most organizations meet this requirement through basic spill response training that does cover MOST of these requirements. They often miss covering “applicable pollution control laws, rules, and regulations” and “the contents of the facility SPCC Plan”.

To help clients comply with these requirements we have put together a basic SPCC Insert you can use at the beginning of your spill training to improve your compliance with these requirements. Also, bring a copy of the plan to the training and make it available for their review.

You can use this to enhance your compliance with the SPCC regulations and training requirements.

EHS Management Strategies can help write and certify your SPCC plans. Please contact us with any questions. CONTACT

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