Always Wear Your Seat Belt While Operating a Fork Lift – why?

This photo shows the scene of a fatality that occurred when a forklift tipped over and the operator thought he could “jump clear.” He didn’t quite make it. He was crushed between the forklift rollover bar and the concrete floor. He wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

Other factors contributing to this death:

  • The presence of tipover hazards including “homemade” curbing at the edge of the loading ramp.
  • Inadequate lighting. It was too dark to safely see the operating area.
  • The lights on the forklift were burnt out.

IF you’re involved in a forklift tip over (Remind Your Operators):

  • Don’t jump.
  • Hold on tight.
  • Brace your feet.
  • Lean away from the direction of the tip over.

A best practice is to retrofit forklifts with seatbelts equipped with kill switches. These work similar to the ones in our personal vehicles and can be wired to the transmission so the machine will idle but not move. Operators found sitting on buckled seat belts are terminated immediately.

Enforce Your Safety Rules!!!


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