Wow… We got upgraded to ISO 14001:2015, now what??

Many organizations have been audited to the ISO 14001:2015 by their registration company and are now certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard, so what’s next.

That depends how you upgraded your program and how well you addressed the following areas:

  • Risk Identification & Management
  •  Management Leadership
  • Identified Aspects – Design/engineering, Purchasing, Transportation
  • Operational Controls – Management of Change, Outsourced Processes
  • System Integration – Quality, Environmental, Safety, Operations
  • Performance Monitoring

This is no longer a process focused on Significant Aspects but a broader focus on Risk. You will need to continually look at these areas and determine how effective your program is managing these issues.

Don’t fool yourself that everything is good because you passed your upgrade audit. Many parts of the standard are still a little soft on requirements and unless your auditor is firm in auditing these new requirements your processes could still be less than effective.

You will need to continue to integrate the EMS requirements into your business processes and continue to identify risks related to your environmental activities. This will put more pressure on your internal audit process to review these areas and identify findings that will drive improvements in these processes. This again, this will test the knowledge and competency of your internal auditors.

We have developed some tools to help companies improve these processes:

We can help you improve and integrate these requirements into your business and get you better prepared for your next registration audit.

Please think of EHS Management Strategies as a resource to help improve your management systems.

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